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The Continuing Education and International Exchange Division launched an online cultural exchange activity for Chinese and foreign students
Date:2021-12-24 Author:蒋睿焓 Hits:

In order to better bridge the cultural exchange between Chinese and foreign students and enhance the friendship between Chinese and foreign students, the Division of Continuing Education and International Exchange organized the first cultural exchange activity between Chinese and foreign students on 22 December at the Tea Creation Space of Youth Road Campus. The event was attended by Ms. Feng Liangliang, Secretary of the Party General Branch of the Teacher Training College, Ms. Sun Fangnan, Dean of the School of Economics and Management, Mr. Hu Xiangchang, Deputy Secretary of the Party General Branch, Ms. Ren Min, Deputy Director of the Department of Continuing Education and International Exchange, Ms. Wen Yi, representatives of international student teachers, activity instructors, 40 Chinese students on campus and 40 international students from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Bangladesh.

Affected by the epidemic, the campaign was carried out online. The event began with Ms. Wen Yi introducing the basic information for conducting the event. This was followed by speeches from outstanding international student and teachers, Xia Yeke and Li Maini, who shared their experiences on improving the quality of education and teaching for international students, and encouraged international students to learn Chinese language and expertise. The international student representatives, Monica from Nepal and Li Meili from Sri Lanka, also spoke in Chinese, sharing their insights on learning Chinese and thanking the College for the opportunity to study and the teachers for their careful training.

The cultural exchange programme was colourful and exciting. The programme consisted of four sessions: Chinese cultural display, foreign cultural display, teaching achievement display and exchange between the two sides. The Chinese cultural showcase included Chinese painting and calligraphy, Chinese tea ceremony, Chinese paper-cutting, introduction to Chinese traditional festival Chinese New Year and Chinese Han and Tang dances. The foreign cultural exchange included videos on cultural exchange in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Maldives, and Chinese poetry recitation by international students. Finally, Chinese and foreign students exchanged and learned about traditional Chinese culture and customs.

The cultural exchange online activity between Chinese and foreign students was a complete success, further deepening the friendship between Chinese and international students at the College, and was well received by both Chinese and foreign students, laying a good foundation for the next step in building a brand of mutual learning and exchange between Chinese and foreign students.

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