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The college held the first China-South Asia Youth Leader career simulation activity
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On 19 September, the first China-South Asia Young Leaders Career Simulation Event was successfully held at the Youth Road Campus. The event was hosted by the college, co-organized by Xindao Technology Co., Ltd, Ya'an Baimei Auto Sales & Service Co., Ltd, Ya'an Glas Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd and Zhong Gong Education, with Yang Shanghai, Director of Sichuan Talent Exchange Centre, Hao Lan, Director of Ya'an Talent Exchange Centre, Song Lizhi, member of the Party Committee of the college and Director of Adult Education and Training Department, Song Feng, Director of Admissions and Employment Department, 23 young leaders from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the 23 representatives of youth leaders from four countries of India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Maldives and 10 representatives of young students from the Chinese side, all members of the College's Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club and representatives of students from the Department of Education, the Department of Travel and Economics and the Department of Nursing attended in total more than 200 people.

During the morning seminar on employment and entrepreneurship, Mr. Song Lizhi gave a speech in which he hoped that the event would bring the job competition to campus and prepare them for the future job market. Afterwards, the Chinese delegation and the youth leaders from the four countries presented their countries and the opportunities for youth employment through a video presentation on diplomacy, culture, trade and the current situation of youth employment in China, and held a lively discussion on the emerging issues of "current employment situation and career development". The young leaders debated and expressed their views from different historical and cultural backgrounds, different perspectives and different methods and skills. Yang Shanghai highly affirmed the commitment of the representatives of each group in their speeches in the light of the current situation of youth employment. He hoped that they would strive to improve themselves under the good situation of "One Belt, One Road" and wished them "a long wind will break the waves and a straight sailing to the sea."

In the afternoon, the group was treated to an intense mock job interview to experience the real job application process. The six teams recommended candidates to participate in the competition through the sessions of "I'm a show, I'm a job, I'm a power reversal, I'm a guide" after understanding the job requirements and duties of the company. The four HR staff on site were dedicated to their duties, selecting suitable candidates according to their performance and making suggestions and comments. During the application process, the candidates behaved courteously and appropriately, and the HR staff made precise comments for all students in terms of image building, language expression, career planning and highlighting specialisation. Through this event, everyone gained a new understanding of job interviews and career planning, which helped to clarify their future study and life goals.

At the end of the event, a group photo was taken with the representatives of the young leaders from different countries, the hosts and the HR and interpreters from the companies to conclude the workplace simulation.

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