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The college held a series of Chinese traditional culture experience activities for China-South Asia Youth Leaders
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On 20 September, a series of Chinese traditional culture experience activities were held at the Youth Road Campus as part of the China South Asia Youth Leadership Exchange Programme. The activities covered lectures on traditional Chinese culture, learning Chinese songs and experiencing traditional skills such as tea art, calligraphy and painting, paper cutting and black sand.

The lecture on traditional Chinese culture was held in conjunction with the 11th "World and Sichuan Lecture" organised by the Sichuan People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. The lecture was delivered by Ms. Zhong Hongying from the Department of Education, who, under the title of "A Bright Moon Shines Through the Ages", taught the South Asian Youth Leadership Exchange Delegation from China and the students and teachers of the College about the rich ethnic culture, food culture, reunion culture and poetry culture of the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, as well as the inheritance and promotion of Chinese traditional culture. Mr. Zhong Hongying systematically talked about the historical origins, folk customs, festive food, poems and songs of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and gave a presentation on the "Desai Festival" in Nepal, the "Moon Festival" in Sri Lanka, the "Bright Moon Festival" in India and other similar folk festivals in South Asia. "The lecture also provided a comparative appreciation of similar Mid-Autumn folklore in South Asia such as the Desai Festival in Nepal, the Full Moon Festival in Sri Lanka and the Bright Moon Festival in India. The main theme of the talk was the moon as a medium and the love for the homeland, which touched the hearts and minds of the guests and made them understand the optimistic and open-minded outlook on life advocated by Chinese culture. The lecture was interspersed with a dance by Ms Weng Quanfen entitled "Chang'e flies to the Moon", which caught the eyes of the audience and made them exclaim How beautiful! The sweet and savoury moon cakes were also a treat for everyone.

Afterwards, under the guidance and leadership of Ms Wang Xiaoyan, the Chinese South Asian Youth Leaders Exchange Delegation and students and teachers of the College learned to sing the classic Chinese folk song 'Jasmine Flower'. The group played the beat with great enthusiasm and put a unique twist on the song.

Tea art, calligraphy, painting, paper cutting and black sand ...... are all gorgeous flowers of traditional Chinese culture in full bloom. In conjunction with the College's specialisation, the delegation of South Asian young leaders from China also learnt and immersed themselves in each of these traditional skills to further experience the beauty of Chinese culture. During the event, the young leaders from South Asia were impressed by the charm of traditional Chinese culture and participated in each of the cultural experiences with the assistance of the students and teachers of the College, saying "I love China" and "I love Ya'an Polytechnic College".

In the evening, young people from four South Asian countries and the College youth also held a cultural exchange session together through songs and dances. Everyone sang and danced, experiencing the clash and blending of diverse cultures in a cultural exchange bridged by art.

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