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The Continuing Education and International Exchange Division conducts training courses on e-commerce in Nepal
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From 20th to 23rd December, the Office of Continuing Education and International Exchange organised a 3-day training course on e-commerce in Nepal. The training was conducted by the Office of Continuing Education and International Exchange and taught by the School of Intelligent Manufacturing and Information Engineering, a second-level college. A total of 72 students from Nepal Vocational Training School and our international students attended the training. The opening ceremony was attended by Mr. Anub, Chairman of Nepal-China Economic and Trade Association, Mr. Nakami, Secretary General, Mr. Fan Zhengkang, Member of the Party Committee and Vice President of the College, Ms. Wang Mei, Dean of the School of Intelligent Manufacturing and Information Engineering, Ms. Li You and Ms. Wen Yi, Deputy Director of the Office of Continuing Education and International Exchange, the Information Technology Teaching and Research Department, lecturers and class teachers. At the opening ceremony, Mr. Fan Zhengkang introduced the basic situation of the training, and put forward the hope and training requirements.

Mr. Anub introduced the need to develop e-commerce in Nepal in the light of the epidemic situation and the importance of e-commerce training for participants, and expressed his appreciation for the training opportunity provided by our college.

The lecturers were Mr. Gao Yongping and Ms. Qiao Chunlin from the School of Intelligent Manufacturing and Information Engineering, with English interpreters on site to teach in both English and Chinese. The content was mainly focused on e-commerce and Tik-Tok, which enabled the participants to better understand the development of e-commerce and new media, improve their ability to design and plan the content of self-media and manage the live streaming process,

then enhance their knowledge and understanding of e-commerce, as well as familiarise themselves with the process of opening a shop, setting up the backend and putting products on the shelves.

In order to serve the "One Belt, One Road" construction of the country, to carry out exchanges and cooperation in the field of education with the countries along the route, and to promote the "going out" of the college's high-quality educational resources, this training further promoted the "Chinese + Vocational Skills" overseas training program, and expanded and innovated the online training program, achieving a complete success. Through this training, the participants were initially equipped with the ability to open and operate online shops, providing technical services and guidance for the development of e-commerce in Nepal, and laying a good foundation for the establishment of Lu ban workshops in vocational and technical schools in Nepal and the continuous development of various technical skills training.

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